Why Replacing Your Roof in Fall Is Ideal

Why Replacing Your Roof in Fall Is Ideal

Fall is when our team at Orion Home Improvements gets really busy. Homeowners and many business owners usually choose this time to get their roofs repaired and their gutters fixed to prepare their properties for winter. If you’ve been considering a roof replacement, you should know that it’s best to do it in fall. Orion Home Improvements, the roofing expert, explains why:

Why Replacing Your Roof in Fall Is Ideal

Winter Protection

Making sure that your roof is in excellent condition before winter comes is crucial to ensure your home’s protection. That way, it can form an airtight and moisture-resistant barrier that can protect your home from frigid temperatures. Having your shingles properly sealed and repaired also means they will be less prone to blow offs by chilly winds.

Shingles tend to become brittle as the air grows colder, making them more difficult to work with, so scheduling your roof repair and replacement in autumn is ideal. Most shingle manufacturers recommend the installation of their products at no less than 26 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature. Since it’s easier to break brittle shingles when fastening them, your roofer has to revert to hand nailing instead of using roofing guns, making the job slower.

Better Weather

Fall has the best weather conditions for replacing your roof. Roofing systems, especially asphalt shingles, are best installed on clear days when the weather is above 45 degrees. This allows the seal strips on your shingles to properly melt and adhere. This process, known as thermal sealing, creates a stronger and more durable system. Additionally, your roofing contractor could work better since it’s not excessively hot.

Energy Savings

Winter brings with it cold winds and freezing temperatures, which means your heating system will be working extra hard. Avoid a significant rise in your energy expenses by replacing your roofing system in autumn. This not only keeps your family cozy in winter, a replacement also means you won’t have to spend much on repairs during winter.

For quality roof replacement, look no further than Orion Home Improvements. We can provide you with top-notch materials and flawless workmanship to ensure that your new roof is in excellent condition. We serve Alexandria, Fairfax, Burke and the surrounding VA areas. Schedule your roof replacement with us today by calling (856) 258-7776. We’ll start with a free estimate.