The Qualities of Wood That Make It Great for Roofing

The Qualities of Wood That Make It Great for Roofing

Among the different roof options, wood is not the first choice for many homeowners. Most would go with asphalt shingles. There are also many these days that would choose metal. Wood, however, has qualities you should consider if you’re in the market for a new roofing system. Orion Home Improvements offers a few reasons to choose this classic option.


Energy Efficiency

Wood offers excellent energy efficiency because of its naturally excellent thermal resistance. Unlike other materials, wood does not heat up easily, so it can protect your home from the sun for a long time. As it doesn’t transfer heat as much as other roofs, wood allows you to operate your cooling system at lower and more economical levels. In the long term, you will enjoy savings in your cooling bills.


One thing that separates wood roofs from the rest of other roofing alternatives is its classic look. Few can match the irregular but natural look and feel of a wood roof, especially if you have a home with a rustic overall home design. Although wood shakes and shingles can be painted for extra variety, many people prefer the natural wooden brown, white and gray tones.


The old wood roofing systems are not as durable as the ones we offer today. They required more maintenance. We can still provide roof repair services if you have an old roof, but we may recommend replacing it with a new roof if it’s beyond saving.

We will never discourage you from getting a second wood roof if that is what you prefer. As a matter of fact, you will enjoy your new wood roof because of the advancements in the treatment of modern wood material. Our new wood roofs are more resistant to the problems that plagued many wood roofs of old. The newer systems demand less maintenance and last a lot longer than their ancestors.

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