Slate: Why It’s Still the Ideal Roofing Material

Slate: Why It’s Still the Ideal Roofing Material

The use of slate in roofing is as old as civilization. Although many new players have entered the market over the decades, no material could still rival what it brings to the table. Sure, it has its own share of pros and cons, but its positives diminish the impact of its negatives in the grand scheme of things.


In today’s post, Orion Home Improvements gives four reasons slate makes the ultimate roofing investment:

It Is Immune to Anything

No single element could ravage an entire slate roofing system. Made from natural stone, it has impressive mechanical properties to withstand anything nature could throw at it. Its high density makes it waterproof and impervious to moss, fungus, mold, and algae. As a noncombustible material, it wouldn’t ignite into flames in the event of fire. Slate is exceptionally resistant to the effects of extreme temperature fluctuations.

It “Never” Needs a Replacement

Unlike many roofing materials that age with time, you can consider slate immortal. When flawlessly installed and properly maintained, it could live for over 100 years. It might need some roof repair every now and then, but don’t expect major problems. If you buy a new slate roofing system now, your grandchildren might not even have to replace it even when they grow old.

It Requires Minimal Upkeep

All roofing products need routine inspections to identify signs of damage early, but slate is practically maintenance-free. You can enjoy the peace of mind of having a resilient roof overhead, and the pleasure of not paying for costly repairs for a lifetime.

It Keeps the Heat In

Many people don’t think about slate for insulation, but it’s actually an efficient one. It’s one of the best insulators among roofing materials.

It Raises the Stock of Homes

It may not be as popular as it used to be, but its appeal isn’t going to fade. It’s a timeless favorite, which matches almost all architectural styles. Available in a wide array of striking colors, re-roofing with slate would boost your home’s value significantly.

To harness the unmatched qualities of slate roofing, hire a specialist like Orion Home Improvements. We know how to handle the fragility of slate tiles properly and understand the complexity of their installation. Using our proven expertise, rich experience, and solid reputation, we guarantee the success of your slate roofing project.

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