Low-Maintenance Upgrades to Improve Home Weatherproofing

Low-Maintenance Upgrades to Improve Home Weatherproofing

Home improvements are not only an option for improving curb appeal; they’re also important for keeping home weatherproofing updated. From roofing to siding, there are many aspects of your home you should improve for added protection from the elements.

Home Weatherproofing

While you can’t take appearance for granted, you should always put the importance of overall cost and value first. Some home improvement projects just matter more than others. Such projects have a large effect on improving your home’s weather protection, adding to its curb appeal and overall value, and they are also low maintenance. Orion Home Improvements discusses some good examples.

New Siding

Siding is your wall’s protection from the elements, and its presence is also responsible for a huge percentage of your home’s overall look. You have many choices when it comes to siding, but the James Hardie® brand offers some of the best options. You can choose from a variety of finishes, and best of all, James Hardie siding offers superior weather protection with minimal upkeep.

Replacement Windows

Windows serve multiple purposes, but the two most well-known functions are for keeping the weather out and improving the home’s appearance. Get rid of your old, drafty windows, and get stylish and more energy-efficient replacement windows. We offer a wide variety of windows, so you’re covered whether you’re looking for classic-themed windows or something more contemporary.

New Roof

Along with your siding, the roof is one of the most observable parts of your home. An old roof with patches of blown-off siding and a serious case of discoloration is bad for your home’s energy efficiency and curb appeal. As a home improvement project, replacing your roof is probably the most important one. You have more viable options today, including metal roofing. Metal roofing does not need a lot of intensive maintenance, and it lasts a lot longer than asphalt shingles.

Home improvement isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about function and efficiency as well as long-term value. Improve your home’s weatherproofing with these low-maintenance projects, and see the difference.

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