GAF’s 3 Levels of Shingle Quality

GAF’s 3 Levels of Shingle Quality

For truly exceptional workmanship to shine, roofing experts need to use the best products available in the roofing industry. That’s why we prefer to use GAF. There’s a reason they’re the top roofing manufacturer in the country.

GAF’s 3 Levels of Shingle Quality

Here are their three levels of shingle quality to help you decide which best suits your needs.


GAF’s Three-Tab shingles are the most economical. Perfect for homeowners who are on a budget, but don’t want to compromise on quality., Three-Tab shingles are available in two variants: The Marquis WeatherMax® and the Royal Sovereign®. Three-Tabs are specifically designed for homeowners who prioritize superior performance, classic detailing, and traditional appeal.


Available in HD®, Ultra HD®, American Harvest®, and Natural Shadow®, GAF’s Timberline offers homeowners a wide array of roofing choices. This line has features and benefits that range from value and performance to higher resale value, all with the ultra-dimensional wood shake look.


Lastly, GAF’s Lifetime Designer Shingles provide homeowners with premium asphalt shingles that can emulate the look of either slate or wood shakes. Available in three different options that include Camelot®, Grand Canyon®, and Glenwood®, this roofing option offers benefits ranging from rugged looks to ultra-dimensionality, all with the uncompromising performance and timeless beauty on GAF can bring.

There’s no reason to settle for anything less than GAF roofing materials as your home deserves no less. With our roofing visualizer, you can even experiment with different styles and colors to find just the right type of roof for you.

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