Debunking Common Roofing Maintenance Myths

Debunking Common Roofing Maintenance Myths

Everyone wants the protection of a solid roof. One way to secure that is to conduct regular roofing maintenance. However, some myths surrounding roof maintenance have surfaced over the years that could give you the wrong ideas about it. To counter them, we have gathered the most popular roof maintenance myths and shared the truths behind them:

Debunking Common Roofing Maintenance Myths

Getting a Material Warranty Is Enough

A material warranty only covers the defects found in the materials. However, poor installation, extreme weather conditions and lack of maintenance have been proven to be the leading cause of roof damage. Materials warranties won’t do you much good in that area, especially with the extra labor cost. Negligence is also grounds for your warranties to become invalid.

You Can Always Repair the Damage by Yourself

Never DIY what you can hire professional roof repair experts to do instead. Always rely on the professionals to handle it because there are some things the internet cannot teach you, and the work you plan to do yourself might worsen the condition of your roof and even void your insurance claim.

Roof Maintenance Is a Waste of Money

It may cost you more each month, but getting regular roof maintenance is actually an investment. Getting your roof checked on by experts ensures longevity and the best performance at all times.

You Don’t Need Roof Maintenance With a Modernized Roof

It may seem as if newly released roofs are more durable and stable, but they still have the same function as a regular roof, which means that any damage done to them would be exactly the same. This, in turn, means that whether they’re new or old, all roofs need proper maintenance.

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