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What Are the Benefits of Investing in New Siding?

Siding keeps you and your home protected against weather and temperature extremes. It’s also crucial to your indoor comfort and can even help you save on energy costs. However, when it starts deteriorating or gets damaged, it won’t be able to serve its purpose. When this component is compromised, you shouldn’t wait long before getting a new one.

When to Get New Siding

Your Siding Is Hard to Maintain

There are better and more productive things you can do than constantly maintaining your siding. For your project, choose a material that doesn’t require as much maintenance, such as fiber cement. James Hardie® fiber cement siding has the appeal of natural wood, but doesn’t need constant care. It also features ColorPlus® Technology, which lasts twice as long as field-applied paint.

Your Energy Bills Are Increasing

Your siding may be the one to blame for your soaring heating and cooling costs. Drafts near walls and windows or around outlets are common indications that you need more insulation or a new siding. A siding replacement will get rid of drafts in your home, helping you save on energy costs.

You See Gaps and Cracks

Cracks and holes don’t simply affect the look of your home’s exterior, but they can also compromise its structural integrity. The gaps on the surface can allow water to penetrate, which can rot wooden components and attract pests. Keep your home in good shape by getting new siding.

Your Siding Has Rot

If the rot in your siding is widespread, the only solution is to replace it entirely. Consider investing in a material that’s rot-resistant to avoid dealing with the same problem in the future.

Mold and Mildew Inside Your Home

Check your interior for signs of rot, mold and mildew. Inspect your walls and ceilings for peeling paint or wallpaper as well as water stains. When the water has penetrated your home through the siding, mold and mildew will eventually grow.

What Are the Benefits of Siding Replacement?

Address Underlying Problems

Like all the parts of your home, siding deteriorates as it ages. Compromised areas of your siding are opportunities for water to enter. In some cases, water damage is obvious, and you may even see it along the lower part of your windows. However, sometimes, signs of damage are not apparent until the issue has progressed. When not detected, cracks will slowly form in your walls. An experienced siding contractor will make sure to fix all structural issues before installing the new material. Addressing the damage now costs significantly less than major home repairs.

Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

You can take your siding replacement project as an opportunity to add more insulation to the wall cavities. You can also add rigid foam insulation if your home already has insulation to boost your exterior’s R-value or thermal resistance. With a well-insulated home, you can enjoy more savings on your energy costs.

Adding a house wrap is also a great option as this barrier increases your home’s resistance to wind and moisture. It protects your house against the elements while still allowing it to breathe. Moreover, this upgrade helps in minimizing drafts in homes.

Have Peace of Mind

Today’s siding technologies offer more protection for your home. For instance, James Hardie siding improves and protects homes in every climate. Because it’s a non-combustible material and rated for fire-rated construction, it can prevent flames from spreading from other structures.

Added Curb Appeal and Value

Whether you’re living in your forever home or thinking of selling your property in the future, you can benefit from a siding replacement. New siding will boost your home’s curb appeal and overall value. Today, siding comes in a wide range of colors, styles, and finishes to complement every home. You can go for a similar hue or completely transform your exterior by using another color.

Like installing new replacement windows, siding replacement has high expected returns on investment (ROI). You can get nearly 80 percent ROI from this project, making it one of the best financial investments for your home. How your home looks from the outside matters a lot to potential buyers. It’s among the first things someone will notice when they visit your home. Some buyers won’t even be interested to enter the house if the siding is outdated or has been damaged. They will assume that the inside of the property is in the same shape.

Save on Maintenance and Repair Bills

Since your siding offers protection against the elements, your home may be prone to damage once this component is in bad condition. Water damage can involve expensive repairs, which is the last thing you want to deal with. Mold and mildew are also problems that don’t merely affect how your interior looks but also pose different health risks to your family. Water can also compromise your electrical system. By investing in new siding now, you can save on high repair bills in the future and prevent major structural issues from occurring.

How to Make the Most of Your Siding Replacement

Select the Right Color

When choosing a siding color, consider the most dominant home exterior hues in your neighborhood. You don’t want your home to clash with the other homes in your location. There may also be a homeowner’s association where you live, and there may be regulations about your siding color options.

Your location also matters when it comes to choosing a siding color. If you live in a warm climate, consider getting a light siding shade, one that won’t take in as much heat as darker colors. This will help you save on cooling costs during summer. Make sure that the color of your new siding complements with the other components of your exterior. If you have plans on replacing or changing these features in the future, also think about how they will look with your siding.

Choose a Durable Material

The right siding material can keep your home protected against the elements while helping you stay comfortable indoors. James Hardie siding is a strong and sustainable option. It’s one of the leading siding brands in the U.S. and has been installed in millions of homes.

It features an appealing, low maintenance finish that comes with baked-on color. Through the HardieZone® System, James Hardie has crafted products made for specific weather and climate conditions where the siding is being used. No matter where you live, you’ll feel safe knowing that your home is well protected against harsh elements.

Hire a Skilled Siding Installer

Siding replacement is not a project that should be DIYed. Attempting to install your new siding by yourself can do more harm than good. This project requires the use of proper tools as well as training and skills.

Only work with a contractor with valid license and insurance. A licensed contractor will adhere to international and local building codes. Pros know the permits and other documents necessary for your project. When talking to contractors, you should ask for proof of workers’ compensation and general liability insurance. These types of insurance are helpful when something wrong happens during your siding replacement.

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