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    How to Maximize Curb Appeal With HardieTrim® Boards

    Your trim is essential in completing the look of your home’s exterior. That’s why you shouldn’t forget this component when updating the façade of your home. Pay special attention to it as it can make a big difference in your home’s appearance and energy efficiency. It can also provide crucial protection against water damage.


    Fortunately, you don’t need to look any further to find the perfect finishing touch for your James Hardie® siding. With HardieTrim®, giving your exterior a fresh, stunning look is practically effortless. Designed to complement James Hardie siding products, these boards can be used to accentuate corners, fascia, columns, doors, windows and more — ensuring a more polished and customized exterior.


    Benefits of HardieTrim® Boards

    Your trim should add to your home, both in terms of aesthetics and function. That said, if you use your HardieTrim boards the right way, you can make the most of them and experience these benefits:

    • Durability

    Standard trim boards are typically made from oriented strand board (OSB) and wood composites. Unfortunately, these materials tend to crack, expand and buckle after years of being exposed to the elements. Remember that your trim is more than just a decorative feature on your home’s exterior. Since it also covers the transitions between the window and door frames, and the wall opening, your trim should be as sturdy and weather-resistant as the siding itself.

    With HardieTrim boards, you don’t have to worry about the material’s durability. HardieTrim is made with high-quality fiber cement, which is essentially the same as the material used for James Hardie siding. It has good resistance against extreme heat and cold, and it can withstand impact from debris and hailstones.

    HardieTrim boards are also designed to be moisture-, rot- and insect-resistant. They’re fireproof, and they can be engineered for your local climate. 

    • Style Versatility


    HardieTrim goes well with any architectural style or home design. It’s available in different textures to suit various preferences. The Rustic variant, for example, has a raised texture mimicking wood. Meanwhile, the Smooth variant is often recommended for contemporary architecture.

    • Long-Lasting Beauty

    HardieTrim boards are made with ColorPlus® Technology, which is a factory-applied color system unique to James Hardie products. This technology uses up to 50% more coats of paint than the average exterior paint. Furthermore, the coating is baked on to enhance the material’s resistance to chipping, peeling and cracking. ColorPlus Technology also enables HardieTrim boards to have excellent resistance to ultraviolet (UV) rays — which means the color of your trim would remain vibrant throughout its lifespan. And since HardieTrim requires little upkeep, you can easily maintain its beauty for years to come. Just clean it with water and a soft brush, and it’ll be good to go. No need to do regular scraping or repainting.

    Tips on Boosting Curb Appeal Using HardieTrim

    Your trim should be utilized in ways that would allow you to get the most out of it. Below are some tips on how you can use and take full advantage of your HardieTrim boards:

    • Stick to the style of your home. Come up with a specific style for your home, and stick to it whenever you’re making design choices for your exterior. This way, your home’s design would look consistent in all areas. In this case, your trim should match the current style of your home so that it can draw the eyes to areas that you would like to highlight. Your trim should also be able to break up the rhythm of your siding – but why do we need to disrupt it, you ask? The next tip should give a clarification on that.

    • Add an accent color. The main parts of your home exterior take up large portions of the façade. Your siding specifically is a prominent feature that could make your exterior look boring and monotonous if it has only a single color or if the trim color is too similar to the siding itself. By using a different color for the trim, you can add dimension to an otherwise flat, boring surface – making your home exterior look a lot more visually interesting. Trim color, however, does not necessarily have to be a vibrant color. If you wish to maintain a muted color palette for your home exterior, you can opt for a contrasting neutral shade.

    • Highlight the best features of your home. Don’t let the eyes wander toward the most unpleasant features of your home. Accentuate the best features instead – your trim would be perfect for this. If you have porches or balconies, you can use the trim to accentuate these areas. Furthermore, by using the trim to connect corners, you can frame your siding and add dimension to your exterior. If you are using two styles of siding, the trim can mark the transitions between the two, making the styles more distinct.

    • Frame your windows and doors. You can also use your trim around windows and doors so that you can highlight and distinguish these features more. Windows and doors are among the most appealing parts of your home, so you should definitely let more attention be thrown their way. When you add trim to these elements, it can really bring them to the forefront of your home exterior.

    • Concentrate on functionality. Curb appeal isn’t simply all about the aesthetics. Function is also an important element that should be taken into account since you need to ensure the beauty of your home will last for several years. Of course, maintenance is key to prolonging its appeal. But with HardieTrim boards, the upkeep is very simple and easy to sustain. The material is low maintenance, so it doesn’t require a lot of effort to clean and keep attractive.

    HardieTrim boards come in a range of colors and styles, ensuring the perfect match for your siding and your home’s design. If you need help figuring out the best choice for your exterior, design professionals and siding experts can certainly lend you a hand and offer guidance on the pros and cons of each option.

    That said, you should only work with qualified contractors with a proven track record of excellent workmanship. Furthermore, if you’re really keen on using James Hardie siding and HardieTrim boards for your home, you should go with a contractor that’s certified and experienced in working specifically with James Hardie products. Consider the warranties they offer as well. Ensure there are guarantees on materials and workmanship that would protect you from faulty products and installation.

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