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Remodeling Etiquette: A Quick Guide for Homeowners

The key to successful remodeling and roofing lies in careful planning. By knowing what to expect, you are better able to anticipate what you have to prepare for, ensuring that you get the results you want. What’s also just as important is knowing how to work with your contractor. 

More often than not, homeowners are in the dark about common practices like tipping, bathroom access and offering food or beverages. As professionals, however, contractors will not take this against you. Still, with remodeling projects usually lasting more than a few days, it can’t hurt to know how to properly treat the people who will be working on your home. 

Establishing Rapport

Creating a good relationship with your contractor starts from the moment you make an inquiry. Having open communication is crucial because it lets you convey what you want to achieve precisely, allowing your contractor to come up with a plan of action that will give you what you are looking for exactly. And, should any problems arise, they can be easily and quickly resolved, limiting disruptions to work flow to make sure your project gets back on track in no time. 

To facilitate communication with your contractor, you should agree on a mode of communication that is convenient to the both of you. You should also establish the frequency of the updates you will be receiving once work begins. Typically, a check-in is at least once every two days works.

Before the Work Begins

One of the most important aspects of remodeling etiquette is laying down ground rules early. Every home is different so what will be considered as acceptable will differ as well. What works for one jobsite may cause friction in another so homeowners should let their contractors know right away if certain behaviors will cause problems. Something as simple as coming in too early can be an issue so it’s better that everyone is aware of what works for other parties.

If you’re working with a true professional, you should not run into any trouble relaying your preferences. However, you should also know that your contractor has expectations from you as well, and keeping your end of the bargain is just as important. If there’s anything at all that is unclear to you, don’t hesitate to let your contractor know. Again, open communication is key.

Preparing Your Home

Nothing shows more consideration for your contractors than preparing your home for their arrival. Things will have to be moved to make way for materials, equipment and the crew, and taking the time to do that beforehand lets your contractor jump right into your remodel. And, the sooner they begin, the sooner they finish. Do you have to move everything out of the way? Not necessarily and not if you truly need help doing it. At the very least, your contractor will expect you to tuck away valuables for security purposes before they begin.

Got pets? Regardless of how good they are with people, your pets should be kept away from the jobsite. This will not only limit distractions for workers, but will also ensure your beloved fur babies are kept safe for the duration of your remodel.

Should You…

  • Tip? 

Majority of remodeling contractors do not expect to be given tips, but all will appreciate it if you do. Reputable contractors charge fair pricing to begin with so they are not concerned with getting more to properly compensate for the work they will be doing. One situation that you might be obligated to tip is when you ask your contractor to do small fixes for you that aren’t included in your contract like a touchup on a wall in another room. 

Should you do decide to tip, however, there isn’t a standard set for how much you should give, but you should factor in the complexity of the work done for you. If you don’t want to turn to monetary gifts to show your appreciation, you can leave a glowing review for your contractor instead. If you really got along well with your contractor, you can consider inviting them to dinner so they can see the fruits of their labor as you see them. You can also consider holiday and post-project tokens. 

  • Provide refreshments?

Again, contractors don’t expect you to do anything for them. They are prepared with their own food and beverages for when they take a break, but being given snacks and refreshments will be appreciated. Many homeowners would at least offer coffee and water to workers.

  • Make conversation?

Small talk is fine, but many contractors offering remodeling and roofing services actually prefer to be left alone to make sure they get the job done on time, meeting proposed and agreed-upon timelines in contracts.

  • Offer bathroom access?

Many homeowners are fine with allowing workers to use their guest bathroom, but they are not expected to do this. If needed, however, contractors simply ask their clients for permission. If it’s a big project involving several workers, however, you can ask your contractor to make their own arrangements.  

  • Leave your home?

It doesn’t matter really to contractors if you are present or not while your remodel is being carried out. If you don’t mind the noise and the dust, then there is no need to stay elsewhere during the day. 

Contractors also like it when someone is around to answer questions or there to consult with when an issue crops up. However, they don’t want to be micromanaged. You can check on things, but don’t hover and get in the way. Remember that you hired them to do the job for you, so let them do it!

If you’ll be out, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you’ll give your contractor keys to your home or access to your passcode. If you prefer to be around while work is done, you can make arrangements with your contractor to postpone their starting time for the day or to delay the work entirely. Keep in mind, however, that this may affect the timeline you were presented with.

Making the Most of Your Remodel

No matter the scope of your remodeling or seamless gutter installation project, you can be sure of a stress-free experience when all parties involved are considerate of each other. Your contractor will default to your preferences most of the time, but let them work their magic while addressing your wants and needs. And, they’ll undoubtedly meet (and exceed!) your expectations. 

Even the best plans can go awry without warning, but don’t worry. Working with reputable contractors means you’re working with professionals. With their experience, they’ll be able to provide you with solutions, ensuring your remodeling project is done right the first time, on time and within budget as much as possible. To learn more about the remodeling process, just get in touch with a trusted contractor in your area today.

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