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Finding a Good Roofing Company by Asking the Right Things

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You’ll want to get your roof replacement project done right the first time around because it can be a big investment of your time, money and energy. It’s a major home improvement project so it’s important that you hire a great contractor. The best way to find the right roofing contractor for your roof replacement is by doing your due diligence during the contractor research and roof estimate process.



You will need to take your time and ask the right questions, including the following. These questions will save you time as you prepare for your roof replacement. The first three questions will determine whether or not a roofing company is credible while the last four questions will help determine if a roofing company is ethical.

What Level of Roofing Insurance Do You Offer?

Roofing insurance will protect you from liability during your roof replacement project. It’s incredibly important. However, figuring out the amount of roofing insurance you’ll need to look for can be tricky because many states may require different levels of insurance depending on the type of contractor. Do your research before calling your prospective contractors.



Then, call the contractor, and ask them about the level of roofing insurance that they provide. You should only accept answers that are either an exact match or an amount that exceeds the minimum requirements of your state. It’s also good if the company can send you their liability policy through email. 

Who Will Manage the Jobsite During the Roofing Project?

Most reputable roofing contractors have a lot of customers so they usually have more than one roofing project happening in one day. This means that the company owner isn’t likely to be there to supervise the work during the roof replacement. Fortunately, many roofing contractors have a project manager. The project manager’s job is to make sure that a roof is installed according to manufacturer guidelines and local laws, codes and regulations.



Ask your prospective roofing contractor about the person that will manage the jobsite during your roof replacement. This person can be the owner, a manager or a project manager. Don’t accept any answer that says that their roofers don’t need any management or supervision during the job. Roofing can be very complex, and small mistakes can turn into big problems. Don’t take that risk by working with a company that does not supervise their roofers.

What’s the Legal Business Name of Your Company?

Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to find a contractor for your project, but this isn’t necessarily a good thing. It is easy for companies to falsely represent themselves online. You need to call the contractor and ask them about their legal business name. The legal business name can be the same name that they are marketing themselves as, or it can be a legal business name that’s different from the one they use in marketing.

Whether the name is the same or different, the roofing contractor you are talking to should not be hesitant to give you the legal business name. Don’t work with contractors that are unclear or hesitant. Ask for proof if necessary. Use the information given to you search for the business in state and federal directories.

Can You Give Me Your Roofing Price Per Square Foot?

This is an important question to ask over a phone call because it can help reveal contractors who are simply trying to offer deals that are too good to be true. There are many factors that affect how much your new roof will cost, including the age of the roof, the price of the materials, known issues with your roof, the pitch of your roof and more. A good roofer will consider all of these factors before giving you a roofing price per square foot. They understand that all roofs are different.


You shouldn’t hire any contractor that only considers one factor when giving you a roofing price. You also shouldn’t hire contractors that are unable to explain to you all of the factors they took into consideration when determining the roofing price per square foot. An experienced roofing contractor will look at a roof replacement from a holistic point of view and take everything into consideration.

Can You Drop Off Your Roof Estimate in My Mailbox?

Having your roofing estimate dropped off in your mailbox sounds very convenient. However, you should not work with a roofing contractor that says that this is an option. Getting a simple price on a piece of paper is not in your best interest, and a good roofing contractor will understand that. 


During a roofing estimate, you have the opportunity to ask the contractor questions about their installation practices, product and company. You need this information to make a good decision on who to hire. Your roofing contractor should say no and explain why you need to be present when they perform a roofing inspection. 

Do You Need to Have Someone Enter My Home During a Roof Estimate?

This is related to the previous question. A reputable roofing contractor usually has an expert team that’s dedicated to performing inspections and estimates for homeowners. This team visits that homeowners house and comes inside for the estimate. The roofing estimator should enter your home and inspect your attic space for water damage. This person should also look for small cracks and stains along your ceilings and interior walls. These are all signs of roof leaks.

Your prospective roofing contractors should say that they have to send an estimator to enter and examine your home. They should also be able to explain why this needs to be the case. Don’t hire a contractor that only considers exterior roof damage. Interior damage is incredibly important in determining whether or not your roofing system is in good condition.

Can You Do a Roofing Layover?

This is a very quick test to figure out if the roofing contractor you are talking to is ethical. It’s a trick question. A reputable and experienced roofer will never offer a roofing layover to their customers. A roofing layover is when the roofer nails the new asphalt shingles directly over the existing shingles. They install the new shingles without first removing old shingles, and this causes a whole lot of problems. Don’t hire a roofing contractor that offers you this option.

Roofing layovers are bad for your roof because they only cover up existing problems instead of fixing them. If your roof has a leak, it will still have a leak even if that leak is covered up by new shingles. Water can still seep through the shingles so a roof layover won’t protect your roof for long. Shingles are also heavy so adding another layer to your roof can cause strain on your home’s structure. An ethical roofer will always remove old shingles before installing a new roof.

If you need an experienced, credible and first-class roofing company to handle your roof replacement, then give Orion Home Improvements LLC a call. We have been in business for over a decade, and we have a reputation for exceptional results, honest communication and dedicated customer service. We will answer all of your questions and address your concerns. We will also thoroughly evaluate and assess your roof before providing you with your roofing estimate.



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