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4 Tips to Keep Your Home Improvement Projects Within Budget

Keeping your home improvement projects within budget takes more than just knowing your price range. If you don’t plan ahead, you might be forced to spend more than you’re prepared to and experience a lot of stress in the process.
4 Tips to Keep Your Home Improvement Projects Within Budget
To do your siding and door projects without messing up your budget, Orion Home Improvements shares expert pieces of advice:

Make Sure Your Estimate Is Accurate

An estimate is just an estimate, but it has to be close to your set budget. Unfortunately, you might not get an accurate figure prior to construction if you have allowances. These line items in the bid represent things that are yet to be decided. Considering the varying price points of products or materials, you should finalize every detail from the beginning to receive a reliable estimate and avoid bill shock.

Anticipate the Unknown

Whether you’re buying new gutters or replacement windows, it can be difficult to verify preexisting structural problems until the project begins. You may not be able to predict the unknown with 100% accuracy, but you can financially prepare yourself for it. Reserving 20% of your total budget to cover unexpected, additional expenses is a sound practice.

Don’t Change Initial Orders

Change orders are necessary when there are structural challenges standing in the way of the project’s progress. But since they’re going to add to the bottom line of the job, avoid them as much as possible to prevent your expenditure from ballooning. Don’t sign on the dotted line unless the contract spells everything you truly want and commit to the original plan.

Seek Financing

Nothing beats paying everything in cash, but any experienced deck builder or roofer would advise against ruling out financing options. Home improvements can make a large hole in the savings, and taking out a small loan can help you tackle any projects you want. Qualifying for financing keeps you from exhausting your cash reserves, and you just pay in installments to make your bill more manageable.

Let Orion Home Improvements help you make smart budgeting decisions. Call us at (571) 354-0331 today to discuss your renovation or home addition needs, and get a free estimate. We serve Springfield and Fairfax, VA, as well as other surrounding communities.

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