Best Windows for Popular Architectural Styles

Best Windows for Popular Architectural Styles

When it comes to window replacement, your home’s architecture is one of the main factors you should consider before choosing products. Not all window styles lend themselves to all home designs, which is why you must be particular with your pick. If you make the wrong choice, your selection might hurt the traditional appeal of your home.

Windows Architectural Styles

To help facilitate your decision-making, Orion Home Improvements talks about the replacement windows that complement some popular architectures:


Windows grouped in twos or threes are not uncommon in Craftsman homes. They typically use double hung units, but you can use casements as a substitute. In fact, crank windows may be necessary to meet the latest local fire egress code since they maximize wall openings best. The use of grids is usually more of a requirement than an option to bring more character to your artistic home.


Tudor-style homes generally use casements, which is a refreshing alternative to classic sash windows. The real key, however, is to adorn them with diamond grids. Plus, using dark frame and trim colors would be a perfect match to the unmistakably creamy siding of Tudor architecture.


Contemporary home designs are big on unbroken views and generous natural illumination. They almost don’t require grids in order to keep the window glass unobstructed and admit as much sunshine as possible. Of all window styles, picture windows are your best bet. However, you should strongly consider combining these large, fixed units with smaller operating ones to get some ventilation when necessary.

Although bay windows have Victorian origins, they lend themselves well to modern architectures. We recommend the “box-type” bay window design because its nearly invisible flankers help expand the floor space and glass area.

As an experienced deck builder and window contractor, Orion Home Improvements knows which windows work best for each room. We’ll help you follow fundamental laws in home design and be creative with some others when necessary without compromising anything to achieve your aesthetic and functional needs. Call us at (571) 364-6399 today for your free estimate in Springfield or Fairfax, VA.