5 Things That Can Nullify Your Roofing Warranty

5 Things That Can Nullify Your Roofing Warranty

Roofing warranties are never without conditions. They’re an agreement stating that the manufacturer would reimburse you for repairs due to product defects only if you do, or don’t do, certain things. Not meeting at least one of those conditions could suffice to lose your insurance against premature roof failure.

Roofing Warranty

Orion Home Improvements shares the most common ways homeowners void a roofing product’s warranty:

  1. Hiring an Unqualified Roofer

    Entrusting the project to a contractor without the necessary credentials usually leads to botched work. Every roofing product has unique installation requirements to perform and last as expected. When unmet, its manufacturer might refuse to honor its guarantee should problems occur. Over-nailing the shingles and reusing old flashing are two of the most common workmanship errors committed by unlicensed and uncertified roofers.

  2. DIYing Repair

    When it comes to roof repair, trying to do it yourself could do more harm than good. Without the proper training to carry out the job faultlessly, you won’t be up for the task.

  3. Turning the Attic Into a Furnace

    Regulating the attic climate is key to roof health. Inadequate ventilation will increase its temperature, especially during the hottest months, accelerating shingle wear. Before you know it, most of your shingles will have curled and become a structural liability to your home. If your roof fails due to attic ventilation neglect, your shingle manufacturer won’t be able to help.

  4. Mounting a Satellite Dish

    Putting any object on your roof that involves drilling holes will increase the chance of leakage. It may not completely void your roofing system’s warranty, but it may nullify the portion affected by your new antenna or satellite dish.

  5. Installing a Second Layer of Shingles

    You may save on labor by not stripping away your old roofing materials and covering them with new ones, but doing so could affect roof longevity. The second set of shingles could wear quickly by expending heat slowly and stick to the underlying layer and bulge. Your contractor won’t be able to inspect the wood deck properly and replace it when necessary, without tearing off the old materials.

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