4 Things to Consider When Selecting a Roof Color

4 Things to Consider When Selecting a Roof Color

Buying a roof isn’t something you do often, which is why there’s no room for error when it comes to its color. You ought to get it right the first time to successfully increase your home’s curb appeal.


Don’t make the wrong choice. So, you should consider these factors when picking your roofing shingle color:

The Architecture

Any experienced roofer, including Orion Home Improvements, would tell you that your home’s style might limit your choices. Traditional and contemporary homes tend to stick to the hues popular during their eras.

Then again, architectural styles never stop evolving. Trends can force time-honored color traditions to reimagine home exterior designs and give birth to new norms.

The Rest of the Palette

Experts in roof repair and replacement would warn about tunnel vision. It’s a mistake to choose a shingle color without considering other home exterior elements. Your roof is just a part of the whole, and it has to coexist with your siding, hardscaping, landscaping and accents among others items.

The Backdrop

Think about topography, too. If natural features surround your home, pay attention to them to ensure your roof can harmonize with them. Actually, you should draw inspiration from them to help your home blend in with Nature.

The Neighborhood

Find out if there’s any rule that bans certain roofing shingle colors. Some neighborhoods and communities like to maintain a common visual theme among residential properties. Talk to someone in charge to do your research well.

If you have more latitude in selecting a roof color, make sure your choice complements those of the neighboring homes. Not departing too much from prevalent home exterior designs can help you attract buyers more easily if you decide to sell down the road. Find the balance between meshing with nearby homes and standing out.

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