4 Exterior Home Design Lessons to Learn Before Remodeling

4 Exterior Home Design Lessons to Learn Before Remodeling

In home improvement, you may not be doing the heavy lifting, but it pays to know a thing or two about exterior design. It will help you to put things into perspective and make sound decisions.

4 Exterior Home Design Lessons to Learn Before Remodeling

As an experienced deck builder and roofing, siding, window and door contractor, Orion Home Improvements offers some home design lessons:

  1. Balance Is a Must (Even in Asymmetrical Designs)Introducing a semblance of balance into the facade of your home helps increase curb appeal. This is true even if your home’s architecture isn’t big on symmetry. If your home isn’t of Georgian or Federal style, your exterior can still be pleasing to the eye by putting the right colors and textures together. The ruggedness of wood siding and the smoothness of metal roofing in contrasting hues make one of the best combinations you should consider.
  2. Function Comes Before FormAs much as you want the most attractive look for your home, functionality must always be top of mind. Narrow down your options based on the kind of weather resistance and energy efficiency you want to expect from your home. Whether you’re replacing your siding or roofing system, aesthetics should only be second on your list of priorities.
  3. The Entry Is the Main AttractionThe entry doesn’t occupy the largest part of your home exterior, but it always draws the eye. Front doors are not just utilitarian pieces; they’re the focal point of the front of most homes. Designing it is an opportunity to express your style and personality, helping to define your home’s overall character.
  4. Windows Are Just As Important As the RoofWindows may seem like minor architectural features compared to the roof, but they carry as much weight as everything else. Again, don’t just look for custom-built units that look great; understand the energy performance ratings of replacement windows. Think about maintenance as well if you want to avoid the need for painting.

Let Orion Home Improvements help you do your next exterior home improvement. Apart from our broad selection of products, we bring our solid experience and impeccable integrity to the table to ensure the success of your project. Call us at (571) 364-6399 to talk about your needs, and get a free estimate in Springfield or Fairfax, VA.